Green House Hydroponics

This future project is a method of agriculture, in which plants are grown without soil, which is substituted in favor of mineral, nutrient solutions in a water solvent. Plants which are grown hydroponically do not have to exert energy that is required to break through the soil to receive nourishment. By eliminating this obstacle and fusing plants with highly specialized nutrient cocktails, plants are able to grow up to 50% faster and healthier.

  • Ice berg & common Lettuce
  • Multi colored bell peepers (green capsicum)
  • Beef Tomato

Beef Fattening & Processing

Beef fattening helps to meet the rising demand for high-protein foods in Bangladesh and plays a pivotal role in food security and sustainable agriculture. The growing demand for meat from Dhaka city dwellers presents opportunities for fattening as well as improved markets for the animals. Fattening of animals is a highly profitable venture with great potential for ROI. Beef fattening could form an appropriate tool for poverty alleviation and improvement in food security among the people.