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Direct Fresh is a pioneer in bringing the Farm to Table concept to Bangladesh

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Our Journey in the Food Industry

Over the Years


Humble Beginnings

  • Direct Fresh was a pioneer in providing premium quality, home delivery of groceries and specialty foods in Bangladesh. Founders Mishal Karim and Sam Bretzfield morphed a business-to-customer model and expanded internationally. Sea shipments of dry, non-adulterated foods were brought from the UK. Air shipments of fruits, vegetables and dairy products were imported from Thailand and Dubai. Collaborating international suppliers with an extensive community of local suppliers gave Direct Fresh clientele access to a world of choice products.
Manikganj farm

  • Direct Fresh launched its first vegetable farm in Manikganj. Providing training and technical support to local farmers, Direct Fresh received recognition for forming a ‘Business Call to Action’ (BCTA), an award for its sustainable business model. This quickly parlayed this into launching its own logistics fleet in cooperation with the Department of Agricultural Marketing (DAM).
Gabtoli warehouse

  • Direct Fresh constructed a warehouse in Gabtoli, Dhaka. The facility contains special processing unit for fruits and vegetables with over 5000 square feet of dry storage and cooling units.
2016 - 18

Direct Fresh launched its 2nd
  • farm in Rajendrapur, specializing in vegetable and poultry production. The farm marked two key achievements as it was the home of the first commercial-scale Hydroponic Green House in Bangladesh, as well as incorporating multilayer farming on a commercial scale, which yields 300% more produce. This enabled to expand to institutional clients including retail stores, 5 Star Hotels, International Restaurant Chains, Hospitals, Schools, Clubs, and NGOs.

  • In response to the Myanmar refugee crisis, Direct Fresh has partnered with United Nations World Food Program to operate two stores in the refugee camps to provide healthy, nutritional sustenance to a dire situation.

    Additionally, Direct Fresh pioneered the Food for Life Program, a unique initiative that empowers blue-collar factory workers with a debt-free, credit system which puts food on the table for their families.

For the Rohingya Refugee

In response to the exodus

that has triggered one of the world’s most acute humanitarian crises, The World Food Program (WFP), has initiated a collaboration with Direct Fresh. We have recently constructed 20 retail outlets to propel distribution and access to safe food and nutrition to refugee communities.

Direct Fresh operates multiple stores in the refugee camps.

Food for Life Program.

Helping garments workers maintain
daily nutritional needs

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