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World Food Program

In response to the Rohingya refugee crisis, in Cox Bazaar, Direct Fresh has received the tender from the UNWFP to operate two retail shops inside the refugee camp which provide food to the Rohingya population. The two retail shops inside the refugee camp serve 100,000 customers a month.


Food For Life Program

Within the RMG (Ready-Made Garments) sector of Bangladesh, Direct Fresh works to supply factory workers with high-quality food at competitive prices. The program benefits the industry and each individual worker and their families greatly. Factory workers will have access to proper nutrition at 0% interest.

Direct Fresh set up stores inside Factory Premises to sell 7 basic commodity items, Direct Fresh provides rice, pulse, potato, oil, sugar, salt and wheat.

Direct Fresh provides a value proposition for the workers by providing quality products at 5%-8% less than the market price. The stores also offer interest-free monthly credit purchases for workers.